How to Start a Free Conference Call

These days, it's not hard to find a service that will let you make free conference calls: We found three that require only a name and an email address to get started. After signing up, you’ll be given a phone number and an access code. The catch? These services don’t provide toll-free conference lines; you and your participants will have to pay applicable long-distance charges. These services also limit the length of the call and/or the number of participants. However, for many organizations and individuals, these limits aren’t deal-breakers, so check out the details of each service below to see which best suits your needs.

Don’t forget that your attendees will be held responsible for long-distance charges incurred by calling into your free conference bridge. Also be aware that some users of free conference call services complain about call quality and about cell phone providers that block certain dial-in numbers. Test a few services before committing to one for an important call.


You don’t even have to create an account to get started with Rondee—just provide an email address, and Rondee will issue an on-demand dial-in number and access code. This service is available 24/7 and supports calls of up to 50 participants with no time limit. By creating a free account, you gain the ability to record and download the audio from your calls, set up email scheduling with RSVP and automatic reminders, and activate "listen only" access codes for some participants. Rondee’s scheduling system is what sets this service apart.

For $0.05 per minute per caller, Rondee will provide a toll-free dial-in number.

Rondee lets you start free conference calls, and includes some advanced features as well.
Rondee lets you start free conference calls, and includes some advanced features as well.

Free Conference Calling

Free Conference Calling permits up to 1000 participants and 6 hours per call. Like Rondee, the service is available 24 hours every day and provides free audio recording and playback. Unlike Rondee, it has no option to pay extra for a toll-free dial-in number. Free Conference Calling allows VoIP callers to join calls and sets itself apart with its Conference Manager Web interface. Conference Manager provides real-time statistics and control over the call you are hosting. For instance, you can see how many callers are on the call, when they joined, and what their mute statuses are. You can mute attendees individually or en masse, remove participants, turn on/off call recording, and manage announcements (among other options). is another established, catch-free service. Like the services mentioned above, provides free call recording and 24/7 access. Calls are limited to 6 hours and 96 participants. Also check out’s other free services, such as—which provides Web-based controls and support for up to 1000 attendees—and, which adds the ability to share a visual presentation with conference call participants. is an established free conference calling service. is an established free conference calling service.

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