No, Wikipedia Has Not Forgiven GoDaddy for Backing SOPA

It's been six weeks since Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales took to Twitter to announce that his organization would be removing its domain name registrations from GoDaddy over what was then the latter's public support for SOPA.


Yet as of today, remains nestled in the GoDaddy bosom, according to WhoIs directory records, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by some, including users of Reddit, which along with Wikipedia was among the most high-profile and active SOPA opponents.

"I gave them $20 so they can move," wrote one Redditor this afternoon. "I'll be asking a refund I guess."

So might Wikipedia have been persuaded to stay put on GoDaddy by the registrar's late-to-the-party repudiation of its initial support for SOPA? I asked Wikipedia spokesman Jay Walsh and got this reply: "It's still going forward; not in any way reversed. We're preparing to communicate which provider we'll use (instead of GoDaddy) at this point. We should have more info next week."

And thus a potential rift in the anti-SOPA alliance is averted.

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