NASA CIO: You Know You're a Geek If...

NASA's always interesting CIO today posted a tribute to Geeks.

Linda Cureton, who defined herself as NASA's "Geek CIO" in the post stated: "From his book Leading Geeks, Paul Glen defines [Geeks] as '... the highly intelligent, usually introverted, extremely valuable, independent-minded, hard-to-find, difficult-to-keep technology workers who are essential to the future of the organization." Another characteristic of Geeks, according to Glen is that they lots of love, caffeine, carbohydrates, and saturated fat.'

She went on to note that it is no surprise that Geeks are hiding in data centers, heads down developing web sites, or fixing problems on laptops - drinking Red Bull and eating pizza, of course.

"Geeks are people who deliver technology innovations no matter what era you are from. When you find them, give them a hug. You may in fact wonder if you are a Geek. Here are some clues. You know you're a Geek if ..." see the world in 4K pages. have an iPhone, a blackberry, an iPad, a laptop, a PC, and a MAC. know what thrashing is and believe it is inherently evil. know what ASP, HASP, and JES are but can't remember your kids' names. loved Geometry and hated the prom. can't remember phone numbers but you remember IP addresses. use the terms do-loop and no-op in non-technical contexts.

If you have more "definitions," and I am sure you do, please send them along.

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