Upcoming Patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic Adds Loads of New Content

Bioware is launching the long awaited final chapter in their Mass Effect trilogy this week, but they aren’t resting on their laurels. A massive new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is due to launch in early April, and promises to shake things up a bit.

Patch 1.2 brings a new Operation called Explosive Island, that will see players raiding a munitions factory. Operations are The Old Republic’s answer to World of Warcraft’s Raids, which sees large groups of players completing quests and dungeons. For less hardcore players, there will also be a new 4 man dungeon called Lost Island. For PVP fans, a new zone called Novare Coast offers a point capture mechanic where teams compete to gain control of, well, the Novare Coast.

The patch also introduces rewards for the game’s Legacy system. Legacy points are a lot like experience points, and are shared across all of the characters on a single account. At the moment, they don’t do much. The new rewards will allow players to create alternate characters with unique race and class combinations – think Jedi Warriors allied with the Sith empire -- as well as letting characters utilize abilities from their alternate characters.

And there’s more in the works. Torhead is a popular destination for data-mined information on The Old Republic, offering a database of quests, items, and tools for players to sift through. The site has collected what they believe to be content from the next few major patches. This includes possible spoilers, so consider yourself forewarned before heading over to Torhead. The data they’ve collected suggests that players will be able to obtain a new companion in patch 1.3 -- a familiar face to players of Bioware’s earlier Knights of the Old Republic games.

Torhead’s data remains unconfirmed, by Bioware but we’ll let you know when Bioware makes an official announcement.

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