I've Got Two Turn Tables and a Felt Pen. Wait, What?

Turntables are usually used to make music. But Robert Howsare looked at two turntables he had lying around his house, and decided to do something a bit different.

Howsare, a printmaking MFA student at Ohio University, put together this contraption using two turntables, a couple of pieces of wood, some screws, a few records, a sharpie and a clothespin. The total cost was less than $50. The result is a machine that can produce spirograph-type sketches. The size and shape of each drawing is determined by the speed of the two turntables.

The device can make some pretty neat looking images -- as an added bonus, its hypnotic motion will leave you feeling relaxed. Check out the device in action in the video below.

[Drawing Apparatus from Robert Howsare via Wired]

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