Robo Vending Machine Gives Out Free Drinks for a Hug

How far would you go for a free soda? Well, Coca-Cola is hoping that us mere mortals will be happy to hug a robotic vending machine, which will dispense free coke in exchange for a quick embrace.

The robotic vending machine, which has the words "Hug Me" emblazoned across its front, is currently giving out freebies at a Singapore university. According to a Coke representative the machine was welcomed with a "long line of people looking to give hugs" to the icy vending machine.

The video below, from YouTube user pmerlion shows robo-human relations in action:

This special machine is part of Coca-Cola's ongoing "Open Happiness" marketing campaign. The company has set up similar macines both in the US and the UK where a hand appears from the vending machine dispenser, offering a more analog experience. The machine installed at the National University of Singapore is that little bit more digital, using sensors that sense when somone gives it a hug.

So, if you were running short on change and feeling thirsty would you put shame aside and hug this robo-vending machine? Let us know in the comments.

[YouTube via Mashable]

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