Exercise Bike Hack Lets You Play Mario Kart and Get Fit

Not a fan of fresh air and physical activity? What if you could play Mario games and stay healthy at the same time? Interested? Keep reading...

Brent Smith (also known as "Statuswoe") created a system called Super Mario Kart Cycle, where in order to play the Nintendo racing game, you have to hop on your stationary bike and pedal as fast as you can if you want to stand a chance of winning. Basically, you're becoming literally immersed into the game.

The hack makes use of an exercise bike, an Arduino board with a few added transistors and switches, and a SNES controller. Pedaling is the equivalent to pressing the A button on a controller in order to accelerate. The handlebars serve as the left and right buttons, and to use special items collected around the course, you press a red button in the center of the bar.

The SNES controller connects to the Arduino, which then joins up to the exercise bike. Using a bit of coding, the bike will then push data to the Arduino board, so the controller will then know to accept certain commands.

Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too? (Uhh...just don't drop your cake while pedaling...)

Check out the video below to the the bike in action. Sadly, we don't know where Brent placed at the end of this game!

[YouTube via Engadget]

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