Use Your Spare Change to Make Your iPhone Stand Up With the Coin 4 Case

[Photo: Urban Prefer]
What can you do with pocket change these days? You probably can’t buy a pack of gum or a newspaper with that anymore, so all it’s doing is sitting in your pocket, causing a slight imbalance in your pants.

If you had this Coin 4 iPhone case from Urban Prefer, though, you could prop up your device wherever and whenever you have spare quarter lying around.

The Coin 4 case mostly looks like any other hard ABS case, except it has some extra padding on its posterior. The back also has a bunch of crevices that are just wide enough slip a coin in that you can use to prop your phone up.

You can put your coins in a number of off angles to stand the phone up vertically or horizontally. Hopefully that extra bit of padding will also help the phone survive a shattering fall, too.

You can buy the Coin 4 iPhone case directly from Urban Prefer for $24.99.

[Urban Prefer via Macgasm]

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