This Hack Brings Floppy Drives, Retro Gaming to the Nexus 7

Google's Play store may have plenty of games to offer, but one avid hacker managed to scratch his retro itch by getting old DOS games to run on the new Nexus 7 tablet.

The hack, originally posted on the XDA-Developers forum, was presented as a way to address the lack of expandable storage on Google's tablet by making use of Chainfire's StickMount app. StickMount, a free download, lets you use mass storage devices, such as USB sticks and external hard drives, with your tablet by mounting them via a USB on-the-go host cable.

Instead of using a hard drive or flash drive, though, XDA-Developers member com47053 hooked up a keyboard and mouse via a USB hub...along with a floppy disk drive. From there, the intrepid modder was able to run classic games using DOSbox, an x86 emulator.

Want to do this with your Nexus 7? Visit XDA-Developers for full instructions.

[XDA Developer Forum via Engadget]

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