Nokia's Here Maps is coming to Samsung Galaxy phones

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While Google Maps reigns supreme in the world of digital mapping, Nokia's Here is regarded as a solid alternative.

Nokia is now bringing its Here mapping software to Android, but only on Samsung's Galaxy phones. It is part of a licensing agreement that will tie in the app to the recently announced Gear S smartwatch, which runs Samsung's Tizen OS.

The Here Android app, which will launch in beta, will be available once the Gear S watch goes on sale.

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Nokia's Here maps work offline and will be able to send directions to a Samsung smartwatch.

This is another sign that Samsung, which has the highest marketshare of Android phones, refuses to play along with Google's rules.  Samsung has reportedly squabbled with Google behind the scenes over using Tizen instead of Android Wear on the company's watches.

In Here app saves map content for offline use, offers directions that can be paired with the Gear S watch, and includes maps for over 200 countries. Much of the interface looks, while clean and minimalist, more at home on Windows Phone. 

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Nokia Here provides directions via transit, walking, or by vehicle.

Nokia's devices and services division, responsible for building its smartphones, became part of Microsoft in April as part of a $7.2 billion acquisition designed to bolster Windows Phone. Microsoft's OS remains a distant third in worldwide marketshare.

Here also bakes in Glympse, which is a location-sharing app like Cabin. You can send anyone a Glympse and allow them to track your location for a specified time period.

Nokia's Here connects to Samsung's in-car mode that simplifies the interface while driving, reducing the choices to calling, messaging, music, and directions.

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