Moto 360 with stainless steel band shipping November 11 (if you can buy one)

moto 360 metal
Credit: Andrew Hayward

The Moto 360's stainless steel band is one of the sought-after accessories for anyone looking to fancy up their new smartwatch.

The watch and steel band were listed listed together as a $300 pre-order from Verizon Monday with a shipping date of November 11, but quickly sold out. 

The Moto 360 with the leather band can still be ordered (for now) from the same page for $250. 

Buying the metal band with the watch provides a price break from buying them separately, as the band alone will sell separately for $80 later this year. 

The Moto 360 sold out from Motorola last week, with no indication yet as to when more devices will become available.

If you are looking to score a Moto 360 then you may want to jump on this offer now before it also sells out. You could then buy the metal band later (albeit spending a little more) or hold out for a third-party metal band, as the straps attach to the Moto 360 similarly to a standard watch. 

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