Free Game Friday: Surreal Robot Battles and Puzzling RPGs

This week’s games will have you fighting robots and puzzling your way past monsters but the biggest free game on this week’s list is a free multi-platform first person puzzle game where you’ll be manipulating gravity for your own purposes.

Deepak Fights Robots

Deepak Fights Robots is, if nothing else, true to its title. You’ll be playing mild-mannered Deepak, who is mysteriously (and surreally) kidnapped to the land of robots where he has to collect glowing power ups to become powerful enough to fight his mechanical pursuers. The game plays about like a platforming Pac-man but it’s real charm is in it’s music and tongue-in-cheek world.


Encounter is a delightful combination of a classic puzzle game and an old-school JRPG. It can also be a little bit complicated, since the game is in Japanese (and hosted on Geocities, to boot). Essentially you’re presented with a field of characters looking to defeat some powerful enemies. You can attack them by selecting any row, column or diagonal selection of four heroes. Each hero type has a different effect (the healer heals you, the mage attacks in an area, the warrior does great base damage, etc) and the more of one type of hero you manage to select at once the more effective they become.

Force: Leashed

Force: Leashed is both a wonderful pun and a physics-based puzzler you can download for free for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. You’ll be manipulating gravity to hit targets, open doors and find your way to the exit. As the game’s website says. It’s not like Portal…that much.

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