Moto 360 owners reporting improved battery life with new update

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Credit: Andrew Hayward

An update to the Moto 360 appears to dramatically improve battery life. Many owners are claiming double the longevity in a reddit discussion, which is a welcome change to a device that struggles in this area. 

The impact on you at home: Get this update. Our review of the Moto 360 found rather paltry battery life, and that was a significant factor in making it hard to recommend. If the battery life has really improved this dramatically, the first round Android Wear watch might be worth your while. You may not get as much extra run time as some in the forum are claiming, but the evidence points to at least some kind of improvement.

A new battery game

It's difficult to measure battery life on an Android smartwatch, as it doesn't have the same kind of usage data that Android enables on phones and tablets. The evidence is mostly anecdotal, which explains the variety of experiences owners are reporting on Reddit. Some are saying double the life, others are saying a modest improvement, while others say that there is no change. 

Nonetheless, definitely grab the patch as it also includes improved Bluetooth connectivity, a new charging notification, and various bug fixes and optimizations.

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