Sprint to AT&T: We'll see your double and raise you

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The one-upmanship among the wireless carriers continues, with Sprint throwing down the latest salvo.

The nation’s number three carrier says it will double data plans for both new and existing customers, a response to a similar offer from AT&T. The offer is valid until Oct. 31, and bumps up the data allowance on shared plans to 32GB, 40GB, and 60GB. Business customers who switch their lines over to a matching Sprint plan also have a data carrot, with up to 200GB per month available.

The story behind the story: Sprint is trying to keep pace with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, as all the carriers have been slashing prices and increasing data plans to lure in new customers.

The primary instigator of this battle to the bottom is T-Mobile, which threw out two-year contracts, device subsidies, and vastly reshuffled its plans last year in its rebrand to the “Un-Carrier.” That strategy has paid off, as T-Mobile has reported substantial subscriber gains each quarter.

Who’s next? 

It seems that every week there is another price drop in plans from one of the wireless carriers. This is certainly good news when shopping around for a new plan, but you definitely need to read the fine print.

Carriers are trying to move away from device subsidies, while still trying to lock-in customers with upgrade plans and family plans. It is even more critical to explore all the particulars of wireless plans and get the best deal possible.

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