Alleged HTC Nexus 9 tablet image leaks online

nexus 9 leaked image

An image that could be the Nexus 9 shines some light on how Google's next tablet might look. 

Gadget-leaking Twitter account @upleaks posted the photo early Monday, with the tablet featuring a large, matte-plastic body and a vertical Nexus logo.

Both the current generation Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 have a similar design scheme. This is a reversal of sorts from previous reports, which indicated the Nexus 9 would be more high-end, featuring a metal build in the line of HTC's One smartphone. (It's worth noting, however, that @upleaks does not yet have the proven track record with leaks that Evan Blass enjoyed with his now-defunct @evleaks handle.)

The story behind the story: It's unclear where the Nexus 9 would leave the Nexus 7. There haven't been leaks of a follow-up device, though all the attention has been focused on HTC's entry. If Asus is cranking out a refresh of the popular Nexus 7 behind the scenes, we haven't heard word of it yet.

Nexus revamped

This Nexus 9 leak follows multiple appearances of the Motorola-built Nexus 6, which looks to be the next Google phone rocking a massive, 5.9-inch screen.

While this is the first reported image of the Nexus 9, we've heard rumblings about the tablet multiple times, perhaps most notably in a legal filing by Nvidia. Just like with its phone, Google may be going big by bumping the screen size up by two inches.

There are other indications these devices will be going live soon. Google+ and other stock apps are being made over in the new Material Design scheme, and Nexus 7 inventory is being cleaned out of the Google Play store. 

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