Samsung going all metal with A series, leaks reveal

galaxy a series leak

Samsung may be cranking out more phones with an all-metal build, breaking free from its tradition of less-than-thrilling plastic design.

A leaked video (available below) shows what may be three different cousins to the Galaxy Alpha, the company’s first phone with an all-metal frame. The A series is part of a new direction for Samsung, an attempt to compete with a flooded market of well-designed phones. 

A lot of different specs have been thrown around for these devices, with the most recent report indicating a 720p screen and 13MP camera. It’s unclear if that is for one specific model or the entire line.


The story behind the story: Samsung may be looking to add a more premium feel to its hardware to reverse a tide of disappointing financials. Once the king of Android phones, the South Korean company now must fight LG, Motorola, HTC, and others who make well-designed, popular devices.

Samsung still holds the largest marketshare, but the expectations of the average smartphone buyer are clearly getting higher. Customers are unwilling to accept a cheap, plastic alternative when even mid-range phones like the HTC One Remix look and feel great.

If these devices are already out in the wild, we may be close to seeing some announcements or finalized specs.

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