Swap files between your Android device and Chromebook with latest update

lenovo n20p chromebook 3qtr
Credit: Michael Homnick

You can finally plug your Android device into a Chromebook and transfer files between the two. 

The catch-up feature joins the usual bug fixes and security improvements in the latest update to Chrome OS. The new version should hit all Chrome OS devices over the next few days—unless you have a Chromebox. Google doesn’t offer any details as to when this will land on those devices.

The update adds support for Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), a standard used by Windows, Mac, and Linux for moving files between devices. 

Why this matters: Google is continuing to build Chrome OS into an operating system with functionality that rivals Windows and OS X. Plugging in a device to move over files is a pretty basic feature, so it’s one less knock on Chromebooks’ ability to function as a “real” computer.

With Chrome, Google has to work backwards on some desktop-centric features as the operating system runs primarily in the browser. As another example many Chrome apps now work offline, assuming you have a system with enough storage.

It’s also not a coincidence that the file transfer update is targeted at Android devices. Google continues to tie the two operating systems closer together. For example, it recently brought select Android apps to Chromebooks.

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