Motorola Droid Turbo rocks 21MP camera, other monster specs

droid turbo

Motorola’s not done with new phones this year, with a beastly-looking Droid Turbo lurking around the corner. 

MotoFirmware scored a copy of the user manual for the device, which outs many details about the forthcoming phone. It has a souped-up 21MP camera, 5.2-inch display, Qi wireless charging capability, and support for Motorola’s Turbo Charger, which can resurrect a battery to nearly full capacity in 15 minutes.

It also has all the Moto-specific voice commands, such as Moto Voice, Display, Actions, Assist, and Connect. For example, you can ask the phone, “What is the weather?” and get a report even if the device is locked and across the room.

The Droid Turbo regresses a bit in Android design by using capacitive navigation keys, which most new handsets are dropping in favor of Android’s on-screen buttons. 

We don’t know when this device will be available, though it’s likely headed to Verizon. Big Red still has an exclusive line of angry-robot Droid phones built by Motorola.

Why this matters: Motorola is on a roll with its flagship, well-regarded Moto X and rumored, whale-sized Nexus 6 (possibly due in the next few weeks). The company also makes the popular Moto 360 smartwatch, the best-looking in this category so far, even if it’s disappointing in some ways. Considering Samsung’s and HTC’s recent financial difficulties, Motorola’s cool upcoming products are the good news the Android ecosystem needs.

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