Flappy Bird clone found hidden in Android 5.0 Lollipop's settings

flappy bird android l

Android enthusiasts busy tearing apart the final preview build of Lollipop probably weren't expecting to find a Flappy Bird-style game hidden in the crevices, but find one they did.

TechCrunch reported that repeatedly tapping on the version number inside the settings menu launched a game with an Android robot dodging giant lollipops, playable in the same manner as the pixelated bird that frustrated millions of gamers worldwide.

Yes, it's an ode to Flappy Bird, the highly addictive mobile game where you must tap on the screen to keep a bird airborne while avoiding giant pipes.  

Because this isn't the final, shipping version of Android Lollipop it's unclear if this will make it onto devices that wind up in your hands—though it's likely, considering the way Google loves burying Easter Eggs in its mobile operating systems. For now you'll have to settle for a video of the action. (Skip ahead to the 20 second mark.)

The story behind the story: This may be the closest thing to Flappy Bird that Android 5.0 devices will be able to get. Flappy Bird was a viral hit, racking up millions of downloads and frustrating gamers worldwide. It also inspired a litany of clones that flooded the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

But the success was too much to take for Vietnam-based creator Doug Nguyen, who abruptly pulled the game in February and went dark. He said he couldn't handle the publicity and felt guilty over creating something that was so addictive. In the months since, he's released Swing Copters and Flappy Birds Family, a multiplayer version of the hit game created exclusively for Amazon's Fire TV. The original Flappy Bird remains a no-show on Android and iOS, however.

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