AT&T, Sprint detail plans for selling the Nexus 6

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The Nexus 6 is next to impossible to get, as both the Google Play Store and Motorola are sold out.

If you’re an AT&T or Sprint customer, you now have hope of actually buying one. AT&T is taking pre-orders on its website starting November 12, while Sprint already has a dedicated sign-up page and will sell the device in its stores on November 14.

You can use the AT&T Next program to get the midnight blue edition for $0 down and $23 monthly for 24 months (there are other payment configurations available) or $250 with a two-year contract.

The contract-free price is $683, though presuming this is for the 32GB model you’re better off getting it unlocked through Google or Motorola for $650 (if you’re patient, that is).

AT&T is also throwing a few offers your way, such as $50 off a Moto 360, Moto Hint, or Moto Silver II if you start or renew a Next line.

Sprint is also offering the device through a monthly payment plan of $29 per month for 24 months, or $696 upfront. There are no further details on how many phones will be stocked in stores, so you may want to get there early if you’re planning to buy one in-person. Just like AT&T, Sprint is only offering the midnight blue edition.

The story behind the story: It’s disappointing how hard it’s been to buy the Nexus 6. Google is replenishing the Play Store stock every Wednesday, but it has always sold out in 30 minutes or less. Maybe with the carriers beginning to sell the phone (perhaps Verizon and T-Mobile will announce plans soon) it will be easier to get one, though it looks like you’re just going to have to wait even longer if you want the cloud white model. 

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