Leaked screenshots reveal HTC Sense 6 running on Android Lollipop

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Michael Homnick

HTC’s Sense skin is one of the cleanest Android interfaces out there. It appears to be keeping that aesthetic as it moves forward to Android Lollipop.

The Twitter account for the popular MaximusHD Rom posted three separate images purported to be of Sense 6.0 running on an HTC One M8. They show the quick settings shade, notification shade, and multitasking screen.

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HTC Sense 6.0 and Android Lollipop make a good-looking pair.

The notification shade and quick settings stick to a very Sense-like look, with a preference for a dark gray background and sharp green text. The card-style multitasking is right out of Lollipop, which is welcome consistency for anyone who switches to an HTC phone from another Android device. 

Why this matters: HTC pledges to get new Android updates out within 90 days of their release, so it’s clearly hard at work to meet this self-imposed deadline. Sense has become synonymous with HTC phones, so the company may be trying to strike the right balance between a distinctive look while letting Lollipop’s features shine through. This is good news for those who like Sense, but Android purists will want to stick to a Nexus or Motorola device.

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