Pebble's much-needed Android overhaul includes full notification support

Pebble and Pebble Steel
Credit: Michael Homnick

Pebble is hoping to keep a few more people away from Android Wear with a major update for its Android companion app.

Version 2.1 for Android is a complete overhaul, and it finally allows users to see all their notifications on the Pebble smartwatch. Previously, Pebble notifications on Android were limited to a handful of sanctioned apps such as Gmail and Twitter, and users had to install third-party workarounds to fill the gaps.

Full notification support is limited to Android 4.3 for now, but Pebble says a future update will support Android 4.0 and higher. To turn on additional notifications from Android, users must open the Notifications menu in Pebble's Android app, scroll down to “all apps” and select the notifications they want to see.

Pebble says the new Android app should also improve stability and performance, and it paves the way for future updates and additional notification features for Android users.

The latest Pebble 2.8 firmware also adds support for notifications in many more languages on both iOS and Android.

Why this matters: Today's smartwatches are mostly about viewing and managing notifications at a glance, but Pebble's biggest improvements on this front have largely excluded Android users until now. Support for full notifications arrived for the iPhone more than a year ago, and over the summer, iPhone users gained the ability to dismiss a notification on Pebble and have it disappear from the phone as well. The latter feature hasn't arrived for Android yet, but seems like a possibility now that Pebble has laid a solid foundation.

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