T-Mobile's LTE Nexus 9 launch reportedly postponed as Nexus availability woes rage

Rob Schultz

T-Mobile’s plan to sell the LTE-enabled Nexus 9 in early December is apparently on hold. An internal memo obtained by TmoNews says the tablet won’t be available until a “date to be determined,” which is bad news for anyone who wants to take advantage of T-Mobile’s 200MB of free monthly data on the newest Nexus tablet.

It’s the second major Nexus-related setback for the “uncarrier,” with a previous delay in selling the Nexus 6 coming thanks to a low supply of the Motorola-built phone. The problem of getting your hands on a Nexus 6 is ongoing, with lengthy Reddit and XDA forums filled with complaints about back-ordered Nexus devices.  

The story behind the story: Google’s Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 launches have nothing short of a boondoggle thanks to insanely limited stock. The Nexus 6 is still sold out in the Play Store and back-ordered from other carriers. You can get the Wi-Fi enabled Nexus 9, but part of the appeal of a tablet is an always-on connection through a carrier SIM card. Given all the hype about Lollipop and the newest pure Google phones, it’s frustrating that buying one is currently impossible.

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