Reports of the Nexus 5's demise are a little premature

Here's a quick bit of Nexus news for you: Google apparently confirmed with The Verge that the Nexus 5 is not yet going the way of the dodo—at least as long as supplies last.

TechRadar had originally cited a Google spokesperson, who warned that once the Nexus 5 units were sold out, that was it for the year-old stock Android flagship. Google disputed it in an email statement to The Verge, however, saying that the Nexus 5 will continue to live on through Q1 2015. 

We have no confirmation from Google, but going by that email statement, you have several months left to buy a Nexus 5—though we wouldn't dilly-dally. Android 5.0 makes it even better, with its refreshed look and simplified interface. 

Why this matters: Google seems to be sticking by its original promise to support its Nexus devices for up to 18 months. By the second quarter of next year, the Nexus 5 will have been out for roughly that amount of time. Google's other offering, the Nexus 6, is big—almost too big for some. It's good to know a smaller option will remain, at least for a little. Fortunately, both are Lollipop-compatible. 

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