Google Now launcher update brings a few drops of Material Design to your non-Lollipop phone

google now launcher
Derek Walter

The Google Now Launcher’s newest update brings some Lollipop-style love to the masses.

If you’re running KitKat or Jelly Bean, and use the Google Now launcher on your phone, you’ll notice more lively animations that act similarly to how they perform on Lollipop devices. The app launcher button is also now white instead of translucent.

The Google search bar is also more stark white, matching the move to white as a background color in Lollipop. When you're checking out the new Google Now cards, swipe once to the right to get the new profile page that includes access to your Google account and other Google Now settings.

The update is doing the usual staggered rollout. If you haven’t tried it out yet, grab the app from the Play Store to get a small taste of Android Lollipop on your older phone.

The impact on you: As we have chronicled the rollout of Android Lollipop there has been one constant: slow. But the Google Now Launcher puts the look, feel, and functionality of stock Android on your home screen. It’s also another reason that not having Lollipop yet isn’t that big of a deal, as Google has unbundled many of its platform's features from the operating system and instead put them in specific apps, which can be updated through the Play Store.

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