Sand-colored Nexus 9 finally arrives in Google Play Store

nexus 9 sand
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If black or white are too boring to grace the back of your Nexus 9, you can now get it in a modern-looking sandy brown.

The "Sand" color variant of the Nexus 9 has finally hit the Play Store, after HTC and Google teased it as one of the color choices when unveiling the new tablet last year. While the black or white schemes can be had with 16GB or 32GB of storage, the Sand color is only available with 32GB.

It costs $479 and is now (while supplies last, anyway) for sale in the Play Store. It’s also WiFi only - the LTE model only comes with a black back, 32GB of storage, and is $599.

What still isn’t in the Play Store, however, is the Nexus 6. Despite a promise to replenish supplies weekly, the Motorola-built phone is seemingly never available.

Google’s effort to make the latest Nexus available through all major carriers is the likely cause—new stock is probably going primarily to carriers rather than the Play Store. This puts it in more hands if potential buyers can walk in to a brick-and-mortar store and play with a sample device. 

If you’re still eager to buy one unlocked, your best option right now is to get it directly from Motorola.

The impact on you: The sand Nexus 9 is a good-looking option if you’re thinking of a grabbing the latest pure Android tablet and want to stand out from the pack. It’s far more expensive than many other Android tablets, so you may want to check our full Nexus 9 review before taking the plunge.

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