Samsung hires the former co-president of Jony Ive's design firm

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It's typically boring news when a big company like Samsung makes a new hire. But it's very interesting when Samsung’s newly appointed chief designer comes from the same design firm as Apple's Jony Ive.

Samsung's new hire, Lee Don-tae, comes from the same London-based design firm co-founded by Apple’s infamous Jony Ive—the same Jony Ive who designed Apple’s iPhone and iPod. Samsung hopes to bring some of Lee’s design expertise to its smartphone and tablet design, according to Korean press. The company’s new hire will hopefully also help Samsung venture into new design territory that won’t land it back in court with Apple.

The story behind the story: It's seriously ironic that Samsung would hire someone somewhat tangentially related to Apple, considering Samsung and Apple have been in a battle over patents and intellectual properly for years now. Samsung will do anything to keep its products competitive and selling to the masses, and if it has to hire someone who it thinks can offer a glimpse into how Apple designers think, then so be it.

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