Galaxy S6, Galaxy S Edge may also get support for Gear VR headset

galaxy gear vr side

Samsung is pulling out all the stops to make you want a Galaxy phone again. 

The company's Gear VR headset only works with the Note 4 for now, but  report suggests the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge could also get in on the action by adding compatability to the current or a future generation Gear VR.

To make this happen Samsung would need to produce a new Gear VR to match the smaller screen of a new Galaxy S phone. The other alternative would be to bump up the new GS6 to a 5.7 inch screen, but that’s unlikely because then the Note would have to get even bigger. And while the Note sells well, 5.7 inches isn't really a size for everyone.

A bigger phone seems unlikely. Given how eager Samsung is to crank out new gear, it’s far more plausible they would do another headset, especially since the current model is the first shot for consumers who like to pay $200 to effectively become beta testers. We should see a Galaxy S6 in the early part of this year, so this is a detail that we will keep our eyes peeled for.

The story behind the story: Samsung has been slumping, with quarterly losses and the news that its arch-rival Apple had a historic profit driven primarily by the iPhone. If virtual reality is really the future, Samsung wants to make sure you’ll need one of its phones in order to live there.

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