HTC is running behind schedule with its M7 and M8 Lollipop update

Michael Homnick

Last Summer, HTC set a goal to deliver an Android Lollipop update to M7 and M8 owners in the US within 90 days of the operating system’s release. Unfortunately, as Android Police points out, HTC will fall short of meeting that goal.

In a statement published to the HTC site, Mo Versi, HTC’s Vice President of Product Management, is hard at work on the update, but that it’ll fall short of its February 1 goal. 

“If you’ve been following the progress of this rollout you will know that Google has had to address several issues with this release,” Versi said in his statement. “We’ve been diligently working to fix some of them on our end and incorporating Google’s fixes as quickly as possible, but despite everyone’s best efforts some carrier versions of the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) will not meet our 90 day goal.”

Versi does note, however, that HTC has pushed out updates to the Google Play, Unlocked, and Developer Edition versions of the M8, but the US carrier updates will take a little more time. 

The story behind the story: Android phone makers often customize the OS to fit their needs or to meet the needs of the carriers. While this makes Android extremely flexible and allows for a wide variety of devices, getting updates out to phones quickly remains a bit of a sore spot for Android. That companies are pushing themselves to deliver updates in a more timely manner is a promising development, but the lag time for updates will likely remain an issue.

Updates pending from Motorola, others

HTC isn’t the only company that’s still working on delivering a Lollipop update to its masses. In a blog post published Thursday, Motorola announced that Moto G owners in India and Brazil can now get Lollipop for their phones. For those of us stateside, Motorola also explained some of the intricacies involved in pushing out an update and directed customers to its software updates information page to find out when their phones will get Lollipop. 

Meanwhile, Samsung is gradually releasing updates for its phones as well: PhoneArena reports that Galaxy S4 owners in Russia now have Lollipop. Meanwhile, SamMobile reports that Samsung has posted a Lollipop manual for the Galaxy Note 4, which suggests that an update shouldn’t be too far behind.

Check with your phone’s manufacturer to see if you too will get Android, and see Greenbot’s Android Updates page for the latest on Lollipop’s rollout.

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