10 little reasons you’re glad you don’t use iOS

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There are plenty of reasons to be proud to use an Android phone, and not...that other mobile OS. Hardware selection. Replaceable batteries. A customizable interface.

But you don’t love Android just for those big, blatantly obvious reasons. The little things count, too. Here are 10 somewhat trivial Android features that make us glad that we don’t use Apple’s mobile operating system:

It tells you how long from now your alarm is set for

Let’s see…7 a.m….what is that…seven…eight hours from now? MENTAL MATH IS SO HARD. Luckily, my Android phone has my back.

You can set separate volumes for each alarm

Face it, the “wake up” alarm needs to be about twenty times louder than the “feed the dogs” alarm.

You can unlock your phone with a fancy swipe pattern

Pattern lock: Less effort than a numeric passcode, but not as data-grabbing as a fingerprint reader.

Two words: App drawer

Because having a folder called “stupid apps I can’t delete” on your home screen is pretty unattractive.

Photos are automatically sorted into folders

Automatic sorting into folders labeled “screenshots” and “downloads” is a lot more useful than a collection of “moments” sorted by day and location.

App refunds are a snap

Download an app you really hate? With Google Play, you have two hours to return it. With Apple, you can…I don’t know, email Apple, I guess.

You can change the default apps

New browser? No problem. iOS user? Only Safari will open by default from other apps. Tough potatoes.

Notification icons appear in the status bar

It’s way more efficient to see notification icons in the status bar than it is to have to swipe down and read through each individual notification before addressing it.

Google’s ecosystem is amazing

Maybe this is trivial, but I love that I can look up an address on my desktop, hop in my car, open up my Android phone, and already have that address in Google Maps.

Extra storage is cheap and plentiful

64GB microSD: approximately $35. 64GB of extra iPhone space: over $100.

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