Odysee photo apps yanked after Google acquisition


Google has snapped up and quickly shut down photo backup app Odysee. Its team, and probably some of its features, are headed to Google+ to supercharge its photo capabilities.

The service shuts down February 23rd—you can head to the company’s site for instructions on downloading all your images.

Google+ already backs up and stores all your photos, videos, and features some pretty good editing tools and tricks like Auto Awesome and instant image enhancement.

Past rumors indicated that Google may split its photo service away from its social network. There is a hint of this on Android as there is a separate Photos app, though it’s still tied to Google+ for updates from the Play Store.

On iOS most of the same photo backup and editing capabilities are there, but they’re buried inside the Google+ app.

If Google is going to compete with Dropbox’s Carousel, Microsoft’s OneDrive, or other backup solutions, it needs a distinct, photo-focused tool that is friendly across platforms. We’ll keep an eye on what comes of this Odysee acquisition, especially if a new app comes forth on Android and iOS.

The story behind the story: Photo editing and backup is one of the things that Google+ does particularly well. Google’s acquisition of Snapseed in 2013 brought some cool editing tricks that suffice for day-to-day edits. This means you don’t have to fire up PhotoShop for a light edit and gives Chromebook users the ability to tweak images right from the browser. Given how much we use our phones for taking pictures, there’s going to be plenty of competition for who best to manage them all.

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