Google tinkering with more colorful, card-based mobile search results

google color search results page
Android Police

Google’s mobile search results are getting a tiny splash of color. 

Several Android users are reporting a revamped mobile results page when using Google’s search engine. The results are broken apart into separte cards with a colored line at the bottom of each, alternating among Google’s official color scheme.

One sample (pictured above) from Android Police shows the new look. You get fewer results per page, though the design makes each result stand out more distinctly.

Some Android users overseas have spotted the same change on multiple devices. This could be one of Google’s many experiments, so we’ll keep an eye out to see if this transforms into a permanent and widespread feature.

Why this matters: Google is always tinkering with search. Just recently it unveiled a carousel-style results page for news sites and trending topics. As the key moneymaker, Google is always looking for ways to make search results, and of course those important advertisements, more effective so you’ll still go to Google when you need answers.

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