Your next Android phone may come with Waze preinstalled

Preinstalled apps can be a mixed bag, but Waze is one you should be happy to see waiting for you on your next phone.

Google said Monday that Waze is now on the list of apps that phone manufacturers and carriers can preinstall on Android devices. The company refers to such apps as a Google Mobile Service.

The Google-owned Waze is a social traffic app, which uses human reports to give a more detailed picture about your commute and potential traffic hazards. It's seriously useful for anybody who commutes.

Waze announced the move at Mobile World Congress, highlighting its growth to 50 million users since its acquisition by Google last year. 

In a statement sent to Greenbot and PCWorld, spokesperson Julie Mossler said Waze wants the preinstall to pay off with even more users.

"If a telecom preinstalls Waze in their handsets, a meaningful part of the population would immediately have access to blocked roads, dangerous intersections traffic and more in real time," she wrote. "There’s an enormous opportunity to improve city efficiency and civilian connectedness just by enhanced exposure and we look forward to growing this community."

The impact on you at home: Waze is a great app, as it crowdsources traffic information to give you a (usually) more accurate picture of what's happening out on the road. By adding it to the bundle of Google apps, the company can ensure you're more likely to try it out... and stick with Google for all your traffic needs. Clever, clever.

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