Turn your phone into a Wii-style remote with Motion Tennis Cast

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Your Android phone transforms into a Wii-style controller in a new, Chromecast-friendly tennis game.

With Motion Tennis Cast, you can pair your phone and Chromecast-connected TV (it also works with smart TVs that have Miracast) to swing at a virtual tennis ball. It's the same type of free-wheeling gaming that caused you to impulse-buy that Nintnedo Wii the first time you saw it in action.

Developer Rolocule told TechCrunch the company is working on a prototype that will bring that same motion control to an Android Wear smartwatch. 

Rolocule also develops other mobile games and is eyeing the Apple Watch for a similar type of setup, assuming they're granted the right type of permissions by Apple.

If you're one of the few without a Chromecast, you can still give it a go by playing with your phone and the Chrome browser on any computer.

Why this matters: Google has made a bigger push to make both Android and Chrome more game friendly. It has pushed out more APIs for developers to extend what connected phones and tablets can do with games. Additionally, there are already some good Chromecast games to be had.

Android TV games are also on the rise, though it remains to be seen if such devices will become a viable platform or just a passing interest for developers whose primary focus will remain on consoles and PC gaming.

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