Android Device Manager, Play Music, Maps, and QuickOffice receive minor updates

find your phone with android wear
Credit: Official Android Blog

It’s been a busy stream of updates for some of Google’s Android apps. Several of them were updated Wedensday to provide minor interface tweaks or simple new features.

The most interesting is an update to Android Device Manager, which is used to track lost or stolen phones and lock them remotely. The app now supports Android Wear, and you can direct your smartwatch to find your phone. Of course, since the watch only has a Bluetooth connection to your phone, it only works if you’re within Bluetooth range—it makes your phone ring at full volume, instead of pinpointing it on a map as the regular ADM app does. Useful for finding your phone stuck in the couch cushions, but not a lot else.

Google Play Music is getting bumped up to version 5.8, offering YouTube videos in the search results when you’re looking for specific song titles, artists, or albums. 

Google Maps 9.6 makes the Zagat reviews more visible and includes an option to allow the voice instructions to play over speakers or Bluetooth during turn-by-navigation.

Quickoffice, which Google has pledged to kill off, is still hanging around. Its update lets you create a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint compatible file, though it of course kicks you over to Google Docs to do that. If you haven’t deleted the app already, you might as well go ahead and do that. At some point it will stop working altogether. 

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