Google Play Services 7.3 adds multiple watch support, new location tools, and more Fit integration

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Google’s newest Play Services update gives you the flexibility to pair multiple watches with your phone, share more Fit data with other apps, and use your location without draining your battery.

Google Play Services 7.3 is now here, though you won't see all of the new features on your device until developers start making use of them. 

If you want a bite-size summary of what it means, check out the video from Android Developers.

The impact on you: Google Play Services sometimes more directly impacts what your device can do than an operating system update. It contains tools that developers can use to add more features to their apps. There’s no download to grab. Instead, just be on the lookout for some extra features to start rolling their way to your favorite apps. This latest update has a lot, so here’s an overview of what to expect.

Helping you get fit

Google Fit is now a bit more neighborly, sharing additional data with other apps that tap into what Fit tracks. Developers will be able to add cholesterol, protein, fat, and other nutritional information tracking to apps that work with Fit. Also, it can pull in your steps to put on a custom watch face so you can glance and check out how much more walking you need to do.

Location, location, location

Location-awareness plays a big role in most of the apps we use now, but it can seriously suck your battery dry. The newest APIs let developers instruct their apps to get location data in batches, so they’ll pull it less frequently but get the information they need so your apps have the most accurate details.

Wear more watches

This is probably for outliers, but if you happen to have more than one Android Wear watch you can now pair them all with the same smartphone. So if you use a G Watch for working out but want something more stylish like an LG Watch Urbane for going out, you won’t have to fiddle with the Android Wear app on your phone.

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