Cyanogen phones will soon sniff out caller ID thanks to partnership with Truecaller

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Cyanogen’s newest partnership will ensure you know exactly who’s calling you next time an unfamiliar number pops up on your phone.

The company announced on Friday a new deal with Truecaller, which will embed its technology in forthcoming Cyanogen phones. The service has a database of 1.6 billion phone numbers, which can help you to find out if that call is coming from a telemarketer or not.

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Truecaller will let you know who is calling, even if the number isn’t in your contacts.

Google has a similar capability with its Nexus phone dialer, which is exclusive to its own devices. Facebook also recently released its own dialer named Hello, which has similar capabilities to Truecaller. However, it’s designed more for tying your phone connections more closely with Facebook listings.

With Truecaller you’re also able to block unwanted numbers and report those who repeatedly pester you to the service. The partnership keeps true to Cyanogen’s new-found religious principle of trying to excise every last bit of Google from Android. 

Why this matters: Cyanogen is still trying to bump up its feature set as part of its Google-free Android variant. It recently announced a partnership with Microsoft that will see Outlook, Bing, and other core services installed on new devices. Despite all the anti-Google rhetoric coming from the Cyanogen camp, the real telltale sign of success will be shipping devices that consumers want to buy, and then supporting them with proper updates while maintaining app compatibility.

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