500GB Nvidia Shield Pro Android TV console makes brief cameo on Amazon

Nvidia Shield
Mark Hachman

The Nvidia Shield Console looked pretty impressive when we checked it out at CES, but the 16GB of storage seemed problematic given how much space premium games can eat up.

Nvidia may have cooked up a solution, with a 500GB hard drive option appearing briefly on Amazon before it made like a Snapchat and disappeared. 

While Nvidia originally denied that it was a consumer product, we’re pretty confident this may be legit. Even mobile games can take up 2GB of storage, so such a paltry hard drive could be a barrier for serious gamers.

Given that this console can run 4K video and has some impressive graphics power, it doesn’t make sense to limit the storage to what you’d get in an entry-level smartphone. Google’s gaming ambitions have been on display before, so a dedicated Android gaming console with proper storage makes a lot of sense.

The story behind the story: Look for Google to make a major push into living room gaming and entertainment at Google I/O. The company has been ramping up Android TV, and adding features only gamers care about like pre-ordering apps, which is typically a feature for premium games.

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