Spotify's new running feature, Now page, and video go live in Android beta update

Version 3.1 reworks the interface and brings you closer to parity with the iOS version.

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If you’ve scored access to the Spotify beta Android app, you'll have no more need to be jealous about that slick new running feature in Spotify for iPhone.

This capability and other improvements are in new version, 3.1. There’s a refreshed “Now” start page that offers musical selections based on the time of day and your personal preferences. The running feature attempts to inspire your workout by keeping the music at pace with your jogging speed.

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Spotify has big ambitions when it comes to your digital content.

Also, you’ll find Spotify’s foray into a new content type, video, with selections from ABC, Comedy Central, and ESPN. If you want to check it out, head to the Spotify beta application page to get yourself on the list.

Why this matters: In order to keep Spotify’s Android users from looking at Google Play Music or other competitors, the streaming giant needs to ensure they don’t feel like second-class citizens. Yes, developing for Android can be a different animal with all that fragmentation, but at least offering a beta will keep power users happy.

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