Report: Huawei Nexus to feature 5.7-inch screen, fingerprint reader, other high-end specs

The next Google device may also have an all-metal body and Snapdragon 820 chip to keep pace with similarly high-powered rival smartphones.

n6 back

It looks even more likely that Chinese company Huawei will build a Nexus smartphone.

Gadget leaker Evan Blass offered some more specifics about the latest pure Google device:

We’ve already seen other rumors about a Huawei Nexus, so this latest leak could very be true. Blass is also rather reliable, so there’s a lot of reason to believe this could have merit.

If Google is going with a 5.7-inch device, that would put it at about the same screen size as the Galaxy Note series. While big, it’s not as unmanageable as the Nexus 6 can be. And just as the Nexus 6 was a step up in design quality, it looks again that with this device Google wants a premium phone that would appeal to buyers who want a nice piece of hardware.

The story behind the story: All signs point to Google building two Nexus devices this year—Huawei with the larger model and some type of Nexus 5 refresh from LG. It could be a wise move, as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus combo has proven a two-size solution works well for buyers. While there are a ton of Android phones out there, you’re limited to an older Nexus 5 or the too-big-to-fail Nexus 6 if you want the stock Android experience with fairly fast updates.

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