OnePlus 2 leak reveals a more angular design, hints at laser autofocus

A Chinese regulator spoiled the one-tease-at-a-time method OnePlus was using to lead up to the phone's July 27 launch.

oneplus 2 leak

So much for that plan to slowly tease us about the OnePlus 2 until its launch date on July 27. A Chinese regular leaked several images that give us a clear look at the next device from OnePlus.

The design is pretty consistent to the original OnePlus One, though it looks more angular and flatter, with a few drops of Nexus 5-style curvature. You can spot what is probably the previously-teased fingerprint reader, which looks just like a Galaxy home button.

On the textured back you’ll also notice a spot for what could be a laser autofocus next to the camera lens.

The design is sort of unappealing in the leaked photos, particularly if you were hoping for a more aggressive redesign from OnePlus. But you can’t quite get the same perspective as if you saw these in person, but at least this leak gives us a little more to go on in terms of what the phone could look like. 

Courtesy of the previous announcements, we already know the phone will have a Snapdragon 810 chip, 4GB of RAM, and use the USB Type-C connector. As for price, CEO Pete Lau says it will be under $450.

Why this matters: We already know that OnePlus is going to show off its next phone thanks to a virtual reality extravaganza on July 27. However, the company had been leaking out details a little at a time up until then. So we’ll have to see if this will continue or whether OnePlus will just hold everything in until we strap on our headsets for the unveiling. 

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