Google Now on Tap aims to ease holiday stress with new flight, package tracking feature

You can also get suggestions for related news topics by launching On Tap when reading an article.

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Adam Patrick Murray

Google Now on Tap might save you a few steps with some of those usual holiday chores like checking a flight status or tracking packages. 

According to Google’s Inside Search blog, should someone text you a flight number you’ll be able to touch and hold the home button (the usual procedure for launching Now on Tap) and get a card with updated status information.

flights on tap Inside Search Blog

Get flight details quickly by launching Google Now on Tap.

Same goes for packages: launch Now on Tap when you have an email with shipping information and you’ll see tracking information.

Should you break away from the crowds for a moment and decide to read some news, there’s another new tool you can put to use: launch Now on Tap while reading and you’ll see suggestions for other articles about the same topic.

now on tap news2 Google Search blog

When reading news, Now on Tap will suggest additional stories.

The new features appear to be coming from the server side, so no update to the Google app is needed.

The impact on you: We recently uncovered a number of surprising ways Google Now on Tap can be helpful. Pulling up related news topics via search was on the list, but Google’s now improved this area by suggesting actual articles. Now on Tap is one of those services Google is constantly tweaking and trying to improve, so stay watchful and you may spot something new.

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