The List: Should you get a new phone?

Our convenient list will totally help you decide your smartphone future.

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Your old Android phone is starting to look pretty dull in comparison to all those shiny new devices that were introduced at Mobile World Congress. It’s slow, the battery is shot, and it doesn’t have any cool features you never knew you needed, like an always-on display or an IP68-rating for water resistance.

Great news! Many of those shiny new devices we saw at MWC are available now or coming very soon. That means it’s time to decide whether you should get a new phone. Or rather, whether you need a new phone or just want one. And whether it only makes sense to get a new phone when you desperately need one.

Tough call, I know. So I’ve made a handy pros and cons list to help you decide:

YES: You need a new case

Your current case is busted, so new phone or not, you’re going to need to upgrade. But why would you waste a brand-new $40 case on an old phone? That’s just silly.

NO: Cases for new phones are expensive

Yeah, you’re going to be paying top-dollar for those Samsung Galaxy S7 cases. S6 cases, on the other hand…in a couple of months, retailers will start handing ‘em out like candy.

YES: Your contract is up

Does it even make sense to keep a phone when your contract expires? I mean, you probably would have upgraded sooner, were it not for the contract.

NO: Carriers are now contract-free

Those sweet, sweet subsidized $200 phones are a thing of the past.

YES: Your screen is broken

Why pay for repairs when you can just pay for a new phone?

NO: All phones have glass screens

Even if we ignore the fact that a screen repair is significantly less expensive than a brand-new, unsubsidized phone, your new phone will also have a broken screen in 3…2…1…

YES: You’re running out of space

Samsung’s latest flagships are bringing back external storage (via micro SD cards), and you desperately need an extra 200GB of storage space.

NO: You fill the space you have

You probably think you can’t possibly fill a 200GB microSD card with pictures, videos, and unnecessary apps, but trust me, you will. And then you'll be right back where you started.

YES: Virtual reality is the future!

You’re all about early-adoption and immersive tech. This VR is so realistic, it’s almost like being outside! Plus, you look at your phone non-stop anyway, might as well strap it to your face already.

NO: The future is terrifying

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