The best edge panel add-ons for the Galaxy S7 Edge

Put that curvy screen to use with these apps that put news and other information just one swipe away.

galaxy edge panel
Derek Walter

Head to the edge

You paid extra for that curvy screen when you opted for one of the Galaxy S edge models. The Galaxy S7 Edge, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+ can all put live content just one flick away on your screen, which makes for a great way to check the news, weather, sports, or fire up a favorite widget.

To get the good stuff, you have to head into Samsung’s Galaxy Apps storefront on your phone, as there’s no web version like with Google Play. Yes, unfortunately this means another account and update process, but that’s what you have to put up with if you want to get this latest wizardry. There are several panel-sized apps of varying quality, so we’ve winnowed down the list to the ten best. In fact it seems there’s more room for innovation here, as the quick-flick method is a great way to get to something fast.

If you see something that you love and we didn’t give it a shout here, definitely let us know about it in the comments.

cnn edge


A quick glance at the news is an ideal use for the Edge Panel. CNN offers a pretty solid app for this purpose, which allows lets you slide your way through a scroll of national, world, tech, and other news topics (even politics, if you must). You can tweak the number of stories per section, picking anywhere from one to four.

Too many sections do get unruly, at which point you’d be better of just launching the CNN app. Tapping a story takes you to Chrome, so if you want to get back to the same list of stories you saw you’ll need to re-launch the news ticker with a flick on the side of the screen. I like it, however, as a quick way to see what’s going on.

weather channel

The Weather Channel

Weather is another good concept to put into play here, as you can get the latest forecast without waiting for your app to load or draining the battery with another widget.

The Weather Channel’s app does the basics well, giving you the current conditions and a look at the next few hours in the edge panel view. But once you install it you have several extra capabilities beyond that, such as an always-on weather panel that lives anywhere you wish on the screen. Touching that fires up other details, so you don’t have to rely solely on what’s in the edge panel if you want fast access to the weather. You also get a persistent temperature in the notification panel, which is helpful for those summer days when you want to know if it’s too hot to go outside.



If you’re a hoops fan, you’ll love the ability to just perform a swipe to get the latest basketball scores. It’s especially handy during the playoffs, when you may want to constantly check for updates. And don’t despair after the finals are over, as the offseason lasts about two weeks and then basketball will return.

When you install this from Samsung’s app store you’re essentially getting a full-blown app, complete with game video, live box scores, and the ability to watch or listen to supported games. It’s much the same as the Play Store version, with the added edge friendliness.  

widget edge

Widget Edge

You like widgets. And you like the Edge Panel. Combine these loves with the appropriately named Widget Edge Panel. You can put in the most common widgets that come with your phone, such as Gmail, weather, and even an outdoor scene to give some pleasantry to your day. It’s similar to the iOS concept of keeping all the widgets together in one place, which can help keep your home screens free of clutter.

rss edge

Edge RSS

Sure, CNN and other news organizations are nice to follow, but maybe you want a little more choice. Then grab Edge RSS, as it allows you to put in a feed of your very favorite site (you know, like Greenbot). 

It doesn't always pull up a long list, and often it's just one story at a time unless you've plugged in a site with hundreds of stories per week like The New York Times. But it's a pretty clever way to keep up with something that you like to read.

twitter edge

Trends from Twitter

Twitter is all about what’s happening now. The Edge panel app is another good choice for such a use case, and fortunately it plays nicely with the Twitter Android app. Tapping an individual tweet takes you right to Twitter for Android, so there’s no need to . It also works with the topics that are interspersed in-between groups of tweets. Much like other apps, you pull down to refresh the content, as it doesn’t do it automatically. If you’re a Twitter junkie this may be a fun one to have, especially since it plays well with the stock Twitter app.

keep for edge

Google Keep for Edge

No, this isn’t an official Google extension, but this developer has enabled a way for you to access your notes from Google Keep on the edge panel. Keep in mind that this requires signing in with your Google account, which some may not be cool with doing through a third party. It works, though there were a few freeze-ups noted by others (my experience went fine).

It’s handy if you want to have Keep right off to the edge, although there are also several widgets created by Google for this purpose as well.

edge settings

My Places

There have been several widgets and other add-ons that have tried to differentiate the apps available to you depending upon your location. This is another, and it’s not so in-your-face about the location changes since it lives off to the side of the screen.

But setup takes some work, as you have to tell your phone your home and work locations and then select which apps you want to show up at those times. I’ve always found it’s more efficient to just develop a muscle memory as to where the apps are on your main home screen, but if you like this level of customization then give it a go.

yahoo sports edge

Yahoo! Sports

While this is one of the edge panels that comes on your phone, it’s still worth highlighting here as the best sports option out there for comprehensive coverage of major leagues. You can add in your favorite teams so they’re always at the ready for a score update. Touching one of the tiles takes you to the the Yahoo sports site, which has box scores and plenty of stats.

There’s good coverage of international soccer leagues, though strangely America’s own Major League Soccer isn’t included. There’s no reason ESPN or other providers couldn’t jump in on this, as it’s a good use for rapid score updates.

rss feeds for edge

RSS Feeds for Edge

Maybe you like your news in much smaller bites. RSS Feeds works similarly to the other RSS app mentioned in this roundup, but instead it’s more like a news ticker with scrolling headlines. It’s more of a crowd pleaser for your next party where you can show everyone “look what my phone can do that yours can’t,” as you probably don’t want to consume your news by slowly reading headlines that creep by you. But nonetheless it’s pretty neat, especially since you can pick your favorite site to follow.