Capture Leads and Close Deals with Enterprise Texting

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With all the CRM tools available today, you’d think tracking leads would be a cinch. The reality is, businesses struggle to catch up and close deals with their fast-moving customers.

In a recent Hubspot study, 38% of salespeople said getting a response from prospects is getting harder and 35% said closing deals is getting harder. 

One problem is that traditional technology can’t keep up with customers who shop on-the-go and expect businesses to follow them every step of the way.

Many customer interactions are brief and happen outside of CRM systems. That means salespeople have to spend time integrating information piecemeal. Thirty-two percent of salespeople in the survey said they spend an hour or more entering data every day, and 23% said manual data entry is the biggest challenge of using their CRM.

It’s hard to respond to customers quickly when you’re bogged down in routine tasks. The average retail email response time is 7 hours and 51 minutes, an Eptica survey found. For Facebook and Twitter messages, response time is over a day. By that time, momentum is gone and customers may get frustrated and move on.

Another problem is that most marketing channels have gotten crowded. It’s hard to stand out in a sea of emails, and many consumers skip voicemails. In a BrightTalk study, 80% of marketers said their efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective.

Move to Warp Speed with Texting

You can solve all of these problems—and do a lot more besides—by using enterprise texting.

With SMS texting, you can respond to customers instantly with messages that include photos as well as text. With Heymarket, texts can be automated and set in attractive templates that include the contact’s first name. You can make separate lists for customer groups, and nobody has to download an app just to communicate with you.

You, on the other hand, can coordinate Heymarket with your own apps to include disclosure agreements or purchase contracts with your texts.

Retain Conversations Effortlessly

As far as tracking goes, you can export any chat directly into your CRM or storage system with a simple swipe. You can even track which photos your prospects looked at.

Heymarket also integrates with your calendar, so you can immediately let customers know when you’re available for an appointment. They’re much more likely to book when you respond in a dialog instead of making them wait eight hours for an email.

Never Miss a Lead

Heymarket also has a feature that ensures your business will never miss a customer lead because a salesperson is busy, out sick, or on vacation.

Multiple team members can share a single phone number for text messaging. An available representative can step in to send, view, or reply to messages originated by someone else while providing the customer with a frictionless experience. 

You can add and subtract conversation participants at will. For example, you can add a delivery person, who will only see the conversation from the time they’re added until the time you take them off.

Today’s customers are accustomed to instant back-and-forth texting with family and friends. They see no reason businesses can’t do the same — and they’re right. With enterprise texting, you’ll move in lockstep with your customers and automatically track progress. It’s the missing link that will take your sales to a new level.

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