DC Universe Online Gets an Update

Just in time for Valentine's Day, DC Universe Online has a content update all about Catwoman. And Cupid.

Hacking Is The New Cheat

AJ Glasser examines the boundaries between cheating, hacking, piracy, and what’s next for embattled hackers Geohot and fail0verflow.

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Stanford's Biotic Game Allows You to Manipulate Living Things

In a creepy/cool research move, Stanford University's Ingmar Riedel-Kruse creates a "biotic" video game that lets players manipulate living things.

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Cataclysm Sells 4.7 Million in a Month

Blizzard sent out a press release announcing 4.7 million sales of World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm in just one month.

True Love vs. Six Days

A developer made a game about her grandparents' 70-year marriage using actual documentary techniques. It's a game you'll probably never play -- but here's why it's important.

Guy Makes Christmas Lights into Game

Ric Turner turned his Christmas decorations into a playable video game for the neighborhood.

CityVille at 1.2 Million Users, Zynga Picks up Citi Rewards

Zynga had what it calls its biggest launch ever with CityVille last week, picking up a reported 290,000 users in the first 24 hours.

EA Not Buying Harmonix

An interview with financial news source Bloomberg sheds light on just how dire EA's situation is following a rash of acquisitions.

Cyber Monday Game Deals Made Easy

You're tired, your fridge is full of turkey, and now the world wants you to get out a credit card to surf the Internet for great deals. We'll make it easy for you.

Start Your Black Friday Shopping Now

It's three days 'til Black Friday, but gamers can get started now with these digital distribution deals.

Holiday Shopping: Analysts Speak Up

The big question on everybody's mind this time of year is "What to buy?" Some analysts have some ideas about what the most popular answer is for 2010.

Lee Sheldon -- Ding! Gratz!

Remember that game design professor at Indiana University who used experience points instead of grades to run his classes? He's at Rensselaer Polytechnic, now.

Kinect: 1 Million Sold

Microsoft announced today that it broke the 1 million unit sale mark with Kinect 10 days after launch. Only 4 million to go before 2011 starts.

Nintendo: It's On Like Donkey Kong

Nintendo finally filed a trademark for the exact wording, "It's on like Donkey Kong."

New Book Examines Law in World of Warcraft, Second Life

A new book from Yale University Press chronicles lawsuits and legal dilemmas posed by virtual worlds like World of Warcraft's Azeroth and Second Life's....whatever.