You Got Megamind in My FarmVille

And here you thought your farm was safe as long as you watered your crops. Starting tomorrow, in-game advertising invades.

EA, Facebook Sign 5-year Deal

EA announced a new five-year "strategic relationship" with Facebook today that makes Facebook Credits the sole payment method for microtransactions in EA Facebook games.

Angry Birds Halloween Sells a Million in Six Days

Just in time for Halloween weekend, developer Rovio announced Wednesday morning that it's sold a million downloads of "Angry Birds Halloween" in just six days.

Study: Kinect Has the Edge on PlayStation Move

A study from the International Data Corporation suggests Kinect might come out ahead of PlayStation Move.

PlayStation Phone: This Could Be a Thing

PlayStation Phone speculation intensified Wednesday as blog Engadget showed off what appears to be an actual Sony Ericsson phone with PlayStation buttons.


Confirmed: Angry Birds Dev to Be Bought by EA

Tips got news source Reuters moving on a rumor that EA wanted to buy Angry Birds developer Chillingo. EA's Director of Corporate Communications confirms the...

Violence Cut From Middle Eastern Games

Two Middle Eastern companies announced a partnership today that would "introduce localised content" to Arabic-speaking regions.

Gamer's Halloween Costume Guide

Five game-themed costume ideas to get you started on your Halloween plans.

Sony Steps up War on Jailbreaking

The latest firmware update adds Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback, Facebook integration, grief reporting -- and disables USB devices.

A Peek at the Playstation Plus

The PlayStation Plus service may be a way to check out full games for later purchase.

Now They Tell Us -- Leftover Quotables From E3

Here's a roundup of everything people said last week during E3 that the internet only just now seemed to notice, plus a few things they really didn't decide to tell us until just now.

No Cheering In The Press Box

Is it appropriate for professional games journalists to behave like fans during press events?

Gamers Dream Better, Study Says

Research reveals that gamers can control their dreams better than most.