Theft at Super Street Fighter IV Event in Los Angeles

Filmmakers from iam8bit Productions were the victims of theft last night at a Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club event in Los Angeles. Today, Capcom is asking...

Supreme Court to Hear California Violent Video Game Case

The Supreme Court will hear a case that involves a challenge to California's ban on the sale of violent video games to minors.

Why RUSE Is Delayed (again)

Publisher Ubisoft nudged the release date back on Eugen Systems' real-time strategy game, R.U.S.E., a couple of times so far this year. A Facebook posting by the...

5 PSP Games to Play Before Its Lifecycle Ends

The PlayStation Portable is entering the fifth year of its lifecycle, with the next-gen looming.

Xbox 360 May Support USB Storage with Update

A document reportedly references an upcoming update that lets the console use USB storage devices.

Hottest Topics in PC Gaming

Buzz aat the 2010 Game Developers Conference ranges from social issues to tomorrow's concerns.

Study: PS3 Will Win the Console War

A study by the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service pegs the PlayStation 3 as the ultimate winner of this generation's console war.

Xbox Live Invites More Sharing

A change to the Xbox Live Code of Conduct now lets gamers express more details about their identities.

Activision Forms Call of Duty Business Unit

Activision Blizzard is creating a separate unit to oversee the franchise after two execs depart.

Valentine's Day Gaming Round-up

A roundup of Valentine's Day events in MMOs and other gaming sites.

Dell Reveals Laptops, Monitor for Gamers at CES

Get ready for the 11-inch Alienware M11x notebook, and more 3D buzz with Alienware's new monitor.

Sony Announces New Premium Video Service for Its Devices

Sony has announced a Premium Video Service for Blu-ray players, Sony televisions, and PCs in conjunction with unified PlayStation Network access across all Sony Internet-enabled products.