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Agam Shah covers PCs, tablets, servers, chips, and semiconductors for the IDG News Service, and is based in New York.

Raspberry Pi 3

Microsoft, Raspberry Pi want you to launch Pi 3-based IoT, smart-home businesses

Microsoft and Raspberry Pi want people to build businesses and start Kickstarter campaigns around cool devices making use of the new Raspberry Pi 3 computer.

athlonx4 880k

AMD's iconic Athlon lives on as a bridge to Zen chips

In the early 2000s, AMD's Athlon chips rocked the PC market with innovative features like 64-bit capabilities, and Intel had to scramble to catch up.

a107890k eng

AMD's new A10-7890K is its fastest-ever desktop chip with an integrated GPU

AMD is shattering a speed record with the A10-7890K processor chip, its fastest chip yet with integrated graphics.


An open-source alternative to Android Wear OS for smartwatches emerges

Could the Android Wear and Tizen operating systems on smartwatches be replaced? French computer science student Florent Revest believes so.

Raspberry Pi 3

Supercharged Raspberry Pi 3 adds Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more speed, but still costs $35

Raspberry Pi has an in-store treat on its fourth anniversary.


Future electric cars could refill batteries from roads infused with wireless charging

Charging an electric car while driving may sound like a wild idea, but Qualcomm wants to bring that capability to automobiles.

fijixt 2

Cutting-edge GPU memory standards like GDDR5X and HBM will supercharge graphics

The growth of virtual reality and life-like games has made one thing clear: PCs and mobile devices will always need better graphics.

SanDisk 200GB MicroSD

Lightning fast SD cards for 4K and 8K video are coming soon

A new class of SD cards will be available later this year for devices like cameras, smartphones and VR headsets to quickly record and access 4K and 8K video.

160224 vr 9

Try your hand at developing basic VR apps with ARM's SDK

Virtual reality headsets are red-hot, but programs and content are tough to find. You can now test your skill at writing VR apps with a software development kit released by ARM.

Samsung Artik 5

Samsung's Artik 5, a Raspberry Pi look-alike, now shipping for $99

Samsung's first Artik developer board, which looks like Raspberry Pi 2, has now started shipping, and robots, drones, wearables and a range of connected devices can be made from it.

dell embedded boxpc 3x

Dell's profile as a white-box PC maker grows with new industrial desktops

You may get a Dell and not even know it.


How super-sized SD cards will eliminate smartphone storage headaches

The dearth of storage in smartphones will soon be an issue of the past.

hp elite x3 feb 2016 in hand

Samsung Galaxy S7, HP Elite X3 target business users in dramatically different ways

Smartphones with Android and Windows 10 Mobile vastly differ when it comes to business features, as highlighted by new smartphones introduced at MWC.


Casinos and arcades: AMD's latest chip gamble

The bright lights of Las Vegas await AMD, which wants to change the face of gambling with its new graphics-focused G-series chips.

cortex a32 image

ARM's new Cortex-A32 chip should boost battery life in Android Wear gadgets

Like laptops, the battery life and responsiveness of wearables will improve over years as the components get smaller and more power efficient.