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Agam Shah covers PCs, tablets, servers, chips, and semiconductors for the IDG News Service, and is based in New York.


How AMD plans to conquer virtual reality: An interview with Radeon boss Raja Koduri

AMD wants to make VR headsets lighter while making visuals more realistic with its GPU technology.


Western Digital ships $31, 314GB PiDrive for the Raspberry Pi 3

If you're thinking of turning your Raspberry Pi 3 into a PC, Western Digital's new PiDrive could provide 314GB of extended storage.

3d xpoint die 1000

Intel's blisteringly fast Optane SSD tech will be compatible with MacBooks

Intel's been quiet about its super-fast Optane memory and SSD products, but few emerging details may provide insight into how they could be used in products like Apple's MacBooks.

hero mobile

Kicked out of PCs, Blu-ray drives are revived in data centers

Blu-ray and DVD drives are being kicked out of PCs, and finding a new life in data centers as storage that can retain data for up to 100 years.

Data center

Made-in-China servers attracting more buyers

Servers are facing the same fate as PCs and mobile devices: A larger number of them are being made in Asian countries like China and Taiwan, a Gartner analyst said.

replay technologies 1

Intel could bring sporting events to VR headsets with latest acquisition

Intel wants you to get a front-row view of sports events on TVs, video streams and even VR headsets with its acquisition of Replay Technologies, announced Wednesday.

Server platform based on Qualcomm ARM server chip

Red Hat Linux to run on Qualcomm server chips

Qualcomm has been established in mobile devices for some time now, but it's still trying to jumpstart the market for its chips in servers. So in an effort to exploit advanced features on its server chips and appeal to as many developers as possible, Qualcomm is working with Red Hat to port a version of the Enterprise Linux Server for ARM Development Preview.

Server platform based on Qualcomm ARM server chip

Qualcomm server chips now available to ARM developers through cloud service

Qualcomm's upcoming server chips are being tested by top-tier cloud players, but now developers can also work with them through a new cloud service.

LeMaker Cello

LeMaker to release a Raspberry Pi-type board using AMD server chips

Think of LeMaker's upcoming Cello development computer as a supercharged version of Raspberry Pi 3.

via eden esp80000 embedded processor image

Windows 10 support comes to Via x86 chips

Via Technologies, the third x86 chip maker and a once a threat to Intel and AMD in PCs, is still around, making new x86 chips and bringing Windows 10 support to existing processors.

hp pagewide pro 477dw mfp printer

HP puts laser printing on notice with proprietary ink in new office printers

HP is bringing a proprietary form of ink to office printers, and you won't be able to buy cheaper cartridges for it from sites like eBay.


Users will get faster free Wi-Fi from hubs in New York

New York City is replacing pay phones with new high-tech LinkNYC hubs that will dish out free high-speed Wi-Fi, mobile device charging and access to city services.

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AMD hopes its Zen chips will win back Intel faithful

PC enthusiasts prefer either AMD or Intel chips, there's often no middle ground. But AMD believes its upcoming Zen chips will have crossover appeal to even the Intel faithful.


HP hopes its 3D printers will drive the 'next industrial revolution'

HP wants to drive the "next industrial revolution" and spark a change in the way products are manufactured with its new 3D printers.